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Pop Culture Place proudly houses Studio Book Works, a shop with a unique selection of specialty books, graphic novels, and other literary works made by independent creators. Our friendly customer service professionals will help you find the LGBTQ+ fiction story, reference journal, or comic that you want. If what you are looking for is not in our collection, we will assist you in procuring the reading material that you need.

What’s in Store for You

Our shop focuses on offering rare and vintage books rather than new best seller novels. That is why we carry a variety of new and used literary works, with publication dates ranging from the 1940s to modern times. These materials are priced reasonably according to their rarity and antiquity.

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Stop by Pop Culture Place to browse the bookshelves of Studio Book Works. We guarantee you will discover a unique literary work that suits your special tastes. You can also contact us to ask about a specific novel or comic that may be in our collection.

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