Turn in Your Slightly Used Manga and Anime DVDs for Cash

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The Anime Cafe Buys

Pop Culture Place’s The Anime Cafe buys preowned Asian comics and animated media that are in good or excellent condition for resale purposes. Whether the item is a domestic or imported issue, we will gladly add the product to our collection.

Preowned Products We Purchase

  • Manga
  • Manhwa
  • Anime DVDs
  • Graphic Novels in English

Unacceptable Conditions of Items

The Anime Cafe does not buy products in a damaged state. If we do receive these types of items, the sender will be notified by email so that they can decide whether to have the goods returned to them or let us dispose of the materials for them. We will deduct the shipping postage fee from our payment to the seller if they choose the former option.

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For DVDs

  • Illegally Copied or Burned
  • Not Playable in NTSC Formats and North American DVD Players
  • Does Not Have the Original Case With Front and Back Covers
  • Discs Have Scratches
  • Video Content Skips or Is Unplayable

For Reading Materials

  • Ripped Pages
  • Bent Covers
  • Missing Pages
  • Water Damaged Papers
  • Broken Book Spines
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How To Send Your Collection

Step 1: Provide a List of What You’re Selling

Send a record of the books and DVDs you intend to sell via email at heyanimecafe@gmail.com. Only the approved items in your provided list will be considered and inspected for purchase.

Expect the following rates for your collectibles:

  • Manga Books: $0.25 to $3.00 each
  • Anime DVDs: $0.25 to $5.00 each
Step 2: Wait for a Confirmation From Us About the Allowed, Sellable Items

Within 24 hours or so, our staff will let you know the approved books and DVDs we plan to purchase along with the estimated amount you will be paid. This assessed payment is still not final since we still have to see the items to determine if they are acceptable by our standards.

Step 3: Ship Your Approved Items to Us

Your package must be shipped and postmarked within a week of receiving the confirmed list. Please include a copy of this list in the parcel and make sure to use acceptable plastic wrapping materials to package your books and DVDs since we are not liable for any loss or damage to the merchandise during transit.

You should also use a reputable shipping service to send your approved items so that your package can be tracked and insured. We highly recommend USPS Media Mail for boxes up to 70lbs. and UPS Ground Delivery for larger packages than that. If you use either one of these delivery services, we will reimburse your shipping costs.

Send your parcel to either of the following locations:

Step 4: Receive Payment

Our only method of payment is through PayPal credit. That is why you should have a PayPal account with a verified mailing address. We usually send our payment for the items within three days after we receive your package.

Reach Out to Us Today

For additional details about the types of Asian comics and other media that The Anime Cafe buys, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also stop by our shop at Western Avenue Studios, Lowell, Massachusetts to ask our friendly staff personally.