Your One-Stop Shop for Pop Culture Collectibles

Offering Comic Books, Tiki Shirts, Manga, and More

Your One-Stop Shop for Pop Culture Collectibles

Offering Comic Books, Tiki Shirts, Manga, and More

Pop Culture Place

Discover Great Reads and Unique Clothing That Pique Your Interest

At Pop Culture Place, we carry a wide variety of recreational reading materials, apparel, and other media that catches your fancy. You can count on us to provide you with products that cater to your distinctive preferences.

Fantastic Items and Where to Find Them in Our Store

Graphic Novels and Rare Books

Studio Book Works has the coolest selection of new and used comics, LGBTQ+ specialty books, and more. We can also help you print and distribute your original graphic novels and other literary work through the studio’s publishing services.

Whimsical Shirts

For out-of-this-world getups and clothing, look no further than Dirty Old Lady's League (D.O.L.L.).

Asian Comics and Animated Media

Turn to The Anime Cafe for amazing preowned manga, manhwa, and anime that suit your personal taste.

About Our Owner

Mary Dumas is a creative woman who expresses her passion for the arts through her business ventures. Aside from founding Pop Culture Place, she started her own brand of unique clothing and costumes named D.O.L.L. Designs. She also operates The Anime Café, a used manga sales shop, and through Studio Book Works she assists independent comic book writers and novelists. 

Pop Culture Place

Other Endeavors

Mary is the co-creator of RomeoXJulien, graphic novel. She also has a publishing house JUST YAOI where she assists comic book creators. 

Situated in a Melting Pot of Creativity

Pop Culture Place is located in The Western Avenue Studios, a diverse cultural hub that is home to studios of more than 300 independent artists, shops and galleries. The whole compound is housed in one of the old mill buildings of historic Lowell, Massachusetts.

Pop Culture Place

Inquire for More Details

Reach out to us today for additional information about the products we carry. We will gladly assist you in finding a comic book or manga that meets your preferences.